Quit overusing capital letters

Writing Well: Tips to help you to improve your writing

Why do People keep Overcapitalising words that Don’t require capital Lettters?

As the first sentence demonstrates, it’s hard to read text when random words are capitalised. Why then do so many people use capital letters incorrectly?

Often people will use a capital letter for a word to signify its importance. In business writing people will refer to their ‘Clients’ or to ‘Employees’ as they are important to the bushiness. However, neither word warrants a capital letter unless it starts the sentence.

What then are the rules for using capital letters?

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Apostrophes – Why is it so difficult to know how to use these little squiggles?

Writing Well: Tips to help you to improve your writing

I was recently impressed with my seven-year-old nephew’s message in a family birthday card.

While his writing was very neat and his message cute, it was his grasp of the correct use of an apostrophe that was impressive.

It was a simple message: “Hazza’s wishing you a happy birthday”. The fact that he correctly used an apostrophe to signify a contraction – Hazza is – was the real kicker.

I’ve worked with tertiary-educated professionals who still struggle with this little punctuation squiggle.

So if you’re not quite sure where to place an apostrophe, here are the simple rules:

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