Four ways to make a career change

Are you sick of dragging yourself out of bed every Monday to face another week in a job you no longer love or, worse still, never did enjoy?

Maybe it’s time for a career change. According to social researchers McCrindle the days of a job for life are long gone. Those just starting their working life can expect to have 17 jobs and five careers by the time they retire.

So what do you do if you know you want a career change but don’t quite know how to do it? Consider the four tips below.

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Is goal setting over-rated?

rugby-imageAsk any successful business person, athlete or actor how they reached the top and they’ll invariably talk about goal setting. Set a goal, outline a plan, follow that plan and your dream will become a reality.

While I’m not against setting goals, I do think it’s an oversimplification to suggest that whatever we aspire to can come true – if only we identify it and plan accordingly.

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Why are we still defining women by how many children they have?


Is it important to know how many children a professional woman has or whether she is in a relationship?

Judging by the profiles of speakers at an upcoming real estate conference, this information seems to be relevant, although only for the female presenters.

The event is billed as Australia’s largest real estate conference and features a range of speakers from international sales gurus to local real estate agents.

Of the 23 speakers at the event, four of them are women and all their profiles include their parenting or relationship status.

The first profile of a female presenter mentions that she is a mother of a four-year-old boy. Her presentation, titled ‘Super Agent, Super Mum’ is on achieving work-life balance, so including information about her child is relevant.

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