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I started my career in journalism and media relations where I learned the craft of writing for all types of media.

My work as a professional writer includes business communications and freelance journalism.

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15 October, 2017 – My salary dropped by half and I couldn’t be happier I recently changed jobs resulting in a salary drop of more than 50 percent, and I couldn’t be happier. It sounds like a stupid financial move and a backward career step, but it’s been one of the best lifestyle decisions I’ve … Continue reading Mamamia

Huffington Post

8 May, 2017 – Three Ways Mindfulness can lead to mind-blowing sex If you’re looking to put a bit more wow into your sex life, put down the Kama Sutra and download a mindfulness app instead. Mindfulness, the tool that helps us ease stress, lose weight and improve sleep, is now being used to create benefits … Continue reading Huffington Post

Notebook Magazine

Sharing the children (shared parenting) Read the full story in Notebook Magazine.